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Oxfam Morningside celebrates charity's 70th anniversary

Posted by David Eyre UK Poverty Press Officer

2nd Oct 2012

Oxfam volunteers at the Morningside shop in Edinburgh


The Oxfam shop in Morningside marked the charity's upcoming 70th anniversary by celebrating the dedication of the shop's volunteers.

Among those recognised were three of the shop's longest-serving staff - who between them have volunteered with Oxfam for more than 70 years.

Gladys Allen and Agnes Watson have volunteered for more than two decades whilst Janey Cockburn has an incredible 31 years service under her belt.

Certificates of recognition were handed over by the shop's area manager.

"I was introduced to Oxfam by my mother - who also used to volunteer at the shop. I haven't looked back since" said Janey Cockburn. "Oxfam has been my life. I usually help in the stockroom with sorting and steaming. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am committed to helping Oxfam's work in fighting poverty and suffering worldwide. Thirty-one years is a long time but I don't see myself ever retiring."

Oxfam will celebrate its 70th anniversary on 5 October.

The Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (later shortened to Oxfam) was formed in October 1942, to lobby the British Government for the relaxation of the Allied blockade of occupied Europe, and to ensure the supply of vital relief to civilians especially in Belgium and Greece. 

Today, Oxfam works in more than 90 countries around the world.

"There is no better way for Oxfam to celebrate our anniversary than by showing our appreciaton of the people who have dedicated themselves to working with us" said the manager of the Oxfam Morningside shop Jean Wood.

"Volunteers like Janey, Gladys and Agnes are special people. Their support is always needed. We're really happy to celebrate this anniversary with them and everyone else whose supported us over the years", said Wood.

"I'm so proud of all our hard-working volunteers and for their commitment to the shop", said Oxfam's Area Shop Manager, Jo Christison. "However, we also wouldn't be here without the people of Edinburgh who have shown their unconditional support by continuing to donate to, and buy from, our shops - even in these tough economic times. Together we hope to push forward in fighting poverty by continuing the great work that started 70 years ago."

You can read more about the Morningside celebration on STV Edinburgh.

Blog post written by David Eyre

UK Poverty Press Officer

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