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New Funds For Zambia Climate Change Project

Posted by Lindsay Clydesdale Campaigns Press Officer, Scotland

29th Nov 2012


Oxfam Scotland has been awarded almost half a million pounds from the Climate Justice Fund to help communities in Zambia cope with climate change.
The project will receive £490,097 from the first round of the Scottish Government fund, which is billed as the first of its kind in the world.
We will use the money to work with small-scale farmers, especially women, to help them adapt to climate change, improve water access and sanitation, and support more productive and sustainable farming methods. That's because we think supporting small scale farmers around the world can help reduce hunger at a time when one in eight people don't have enough to eat. 

Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, revealed a series of projects to benefit from the £3 million fund, with this first-round funding focused on helping communities impacted by climate change in Zambia and Malawi access clean and safe water. 
Climate justice will be discussed at the UN’s annual climate change conference in Doha, which Mr Wheelhouse will attend next week.
Announcing the funding, Mr Wheelhouse said: "The huge injustice of climate change is that those who have done the least to cause the problem – the most vulnerable from the world’s poorest communities – are the hardest hit. That’s why Scotland is supporting climate justice – a key issue for human rights in the 21st Century that I will be championing in Doha next week.
"Our innovative Climate Justice Fund is a world-first and further illustrates how Scotland is taking its international obligations seriously. Therefore I’m pleased to announce these five awards for projects that will help some of the most vulnerable people in Malawi and Zambia respond to climate change.
"Clean and safe water access is something that people in Scotland take for granted, yet for many in the developing world that is not the case. This funding will help improve the quality of lives for communities in Malawi and Zambia, making them more resilient and aware of the serious changes brought about by climate change."
Judith Robertson, Head of Oxfam Scotland, said: "We cannot stand by and let some of the world’s poorest people pay the human price for Scotland’s climate-changing emissions – past and present.
"Climate change threatens to limit choices for those who already have limited choices with increased exposure to drought, storms and floods undermining their efforts to build a better life for themselves.
"We must do more to support the world's 500 million small scale farmers – this Scottish Government funding for our work in Zambia is therefore hugely welcome."  

Blog post written by Lindsay Clydesdale

Campaigns Press Officer, Scotland

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