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Statement on Welfare Benefits Uprating Bill

Posted by David Eyre UK Poverty Press Officer

20th Dec 2012

Big Ben

In response to the Government's publication of the welfare benefits uprating bill today, Head of Oxfam Scotland Judith Robertson said:

"This bill will effectively mean a permanent reduction of benefits, which could be devastating at a time when a proper safety net is desperately needed by millions of the most vulnerable people in Britain.

"Benefits are already at their lowest levels relative to average incomes since the welfare state was founded and it's highly likely that this regressive change could lead to an increase in poverty, especially for those people who are already facing a perfect storm of cuts to public services and rising prices.

"The Government need to look for ways to get rid of the deficit that don't harm poor families, like doing more to make companies and individuals who avoid paying tax contribute their fair share, rather than making more cuts to an already struggling welfare system."

Blog post written by David Eyre

UK Poverty Press Officer

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