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Andy Murray's Wimbledon win most uplifting moment of 2013

Posted by Lindsay Clydesdale Campaigns Press Officer, Scotland

3rd Jan 2014

A survey commissioned by Oxfam  reveals that Andy Murray's Wimbledon win was the thing that lifted Scotland's spirits most in 2013, more than the fantastic summer weather and the birth of the royal baby.

The research was commissioned to mark the launch of Oxfam's new fundraising campaign, "Lift Lives for Good". The survey, carried out by Research Now on behalf of Oxfam, found 83% of respondents in Scotland said the Dunblane tennis player lifting the men's singles title in July was what boosted their spirits most last year. 

Those who took part in the survey weren't told that the research was commissioned by a charity, to avoid influencing the results, but supporting a charity came second on the list with 75% of Scots naming it as a high point of 2013.

Mo Farah winning double gold at the Athletics World Championships was third-placed with 56% of Scots finding it uplifting, while the great summer weather came fourth, with 54%. The birth of the royal baby, Prince George, came fifth in the poll with 42%.

In music, Daft Punk's catchy "Get Lucky" was voted the most uplifting song of 2013 among Scots with 31%, while charity featured highly again in the most uplifting TV programme of 2013 category where the most popular choice was Children in Need, chosen by 39% of respondents. Strictly Come Dancing was second, with 32%, and Masterchef third, with 28%.

This research was completed in support of Oxfam's new fundraising campaign, which is backed by an uplifting TV advert aiming to inspire viewers to engage with Oxfam's work. 

The charity hopes the advert will help shine a light on the work it does with poor people around the world by showing how Oxfam aims to set a chain reaction in motion so that the benefits ripple out beyond individuals and families to wider communities and beyond.

Oxfam's Chief Executive Mark Goldring said: "This has been a big year for charitable giving especially with the unbelievable generosity of the Scottish public in response to the recent typhoon in the Philippines. 

"We are extremely heartened by the results of this survey; at a time when money is tight it's wonderful to see that people are getting a boost from helping others. We hope that our new fundraising campaign, Lift Lives for Good, with the support of the adverts will show the public the far-reaching effects which every donation to Oxfam can have."

Looking forward to 2014, a well-earned holiday is the thing the greatest number of Scottish respondents (24%) think will give them a boost. And the most commonly chosen uplifting event for 2014 was the Commonwealth Games, which are being hosted in Glasgow. 20% of Scots respondents are anticipating it being 2014's most uplifting event, beating even the up-coming World Cup, which was second with 14%.

Oxfam is calling on UK public support - however small - to help it lift lives for good. To donate £4 text LIFT to 70064 or click here for more information:

Lift Lives for Good aims to inspire the UK public about what their support for Oxfam can achieve. A lift can empower people to make change, helping them to alter the course of their lives, so in turn they can lift others around them, setting in motion a process of change that spreads throughout their community. So by supporting Oxfam people are not just lifting one person, they're lifting the lives of entire communities - now and for good.

The TV adverts are inspired by an Oxfam programme where people in Sri Lanka were provided with cows, training and support to establish a co-operative. This led to more cows, milk and co-operatives being set up by local groups to make ice-cream and ghee, creating more jobs, better incomes and opportunities for more people. The TV commercial shows how a mother receives a cow and then her six-year-old son is lifted off the ground as his dream of going to school becomes a reality. Others in his community are also lifted as their fortunes change for the better.

Blog post written by Lindsay Clydesdale

Campaigns Press Officer, Scotland

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