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Shop Donations Doubled By UK Government

Posted by Lindsay Clydesdale Campaigns Press Officer, Scotland

9th Jan 2014

Money Raised Will Be Matched. 

Oxfam is calling on Scots to donate their unwanted items to one of their shops in Scotland and, for the first time, every pound raised from the items throughout January, February and March will be doubled thanks to the UK government.*

The initiative is part of Oxfam's Mother Appeal to raise money and help women around the world lift their families out of poverty for good. Running until Mother's Day on 30 March 2014, the Mother Appeal encourages people to celebrate motherhood the world over and hopes to raise over £10 million for Oxfam's life changing work..  

The 51 Oxfam shops in Scotland include specialist music and book stores, as well as Boutique and DIY shops which focus on fashion and vintage. Most also stock a range of bric a brac - all of which come from public donations.

Jamie Livingstone, Acting Head of Oxfam Scotland, said: "January is the perfect time for a clear out and we can turn your good quality unwanted items into cash to fund Oxfam's work fighting poverty around the world. And even better, thanks to the government, all the money raised from the Scottish public's generous donations will be doubled, doubling the amazing difference you're making."

People are also able to Shwop their unwanted clothes at their local Marks & Spencer store as all donations are then passed to Oxfam. 

Oxfam's Mother Appeal will help lift the lives of women like Tika, who comes from a remote area of Nepal where women are tied to traditions which mean they rarely leave the family home. Domestic abuse is common and women are not aware of their rights. Oxfam has been working with communities like Tika's to redress the balance, running classes to educate men and women about issues like domestic violence and alcohol abuse. These classes have given Tika the lift she needed to fight for her rights, earn money and inspire her daughters. 

Tika said: "Now I walk with confidence. I am a totally different woman. My daughters are happy to see me being independent and taking decisions for the family."

For more information go to 

*For the value of items donated between 31 December 2013 and 31 March 2014, and sold up to 30 April 2014, up to a maximum total value raised of £5 million.

Blog post written by Lindsay Clydesdale

Campaigns Press Officer, Scotland

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