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Oxjam Scotland - Great Music for a Great Cause

3rd Nov 2014

by Ruth Laird, Oxjam Regional Coordinator-Scotland.  For teams of Oxfam volunteers October has been Oxjam month: Oxfam's month of music, with hundreds of gigs and festivals happening the length and breadth of the U.K.

Oxjam began in 2006, with the aim of creating a network of music-loving people across the UK, all united by a shared goal - to raise money to fight poverty and suffering around the world. 9 years on we're still going strong and in Scotland, a huge number of concerts took place this October right across the country, from Shetland to Glasgow. 

One of the most exciting things about Oxjam is the diversity of events on offer. This year in Scotland that has meant you could choose from anything ranging from Indie, Rock, Acoustic, Jazz, Opera, Hip-hop - you name it. Highlights have included Opera in a coffee house in Aberdeen, intimate acoustic gigs in a cosy pub in Stirling and a dance-off lead by Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 in Glasgow.

What makes Oxjam work is the passion, energy and commitment of the volunteer teams who give up their time (and often their summer), not just because they are music lovers who want to promote new bands in the towns and cities where they live, but also because they know that it's a way of raising money to help Oxfam carry out its work around the world.

Although it's too early to say how much money Oxjam has raised in Scotland this year, as events are scheduled through into November, there has already been an incredible response. The Glasgow Takeover team, for example, have raised over £7000 so far. 

Find out if there are events coming up you near you using this map:

And why not get involved next year. You can find out more here:

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