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Exclusive Ian Rankin and Tim Burgess collaboration on sale in Oxfam shops

Posted by Adrian Doherty Oxfam Scotland Social & Digital Media Volunteer

1st Dec 2014

International best-selling author Ian Rankin and Tim Burgess, the singer with indie legends The Charlatans, have come together in a unique collaboration for Oxfam.


A limited edition 12" vinyl release of their creation 'A Little Bit of Powder' is available from 1 December exclusively at selected Oxfam shops across the country, with all the profits going towards Oxfam's work tackling poverty around the world.

In Scotland, the record is available in 4 shops: Oxfam Music Glasgow (Byres Rd), Oxfam Music Edinburgh (Raeburn Place), Oxfam Bookshop Edinburgh (Morningside Road) and Oxfam Bookshop Edinburgh (Nicolson Street). See below for other locations in the UK.

A Little Bit of Powder is a short story written by Ian Rankin for Tim Burgess's record label O Genesis. The record retails at £9.99 and features acclaimed actor Craig Parkinson reading Ian's short story with theme music by Tim Burgess and Factory Floor's Nik Void. There is also a version of the theme featuring vocals by Tim and Nik on the B side.

Fee Gilfeather, Head of Marketing for Oxfam shops, said: "This is one of the most exciting - and unusual - projects we've embarked on in our shops. Tim Burgess and Ian Rankin are hugely respected names, so to be chosen as the exclusive outlet for their release is proof of Oxfam's reputation for quality vinyl.

"We sell over one million records and CDs every year, attracting countless music fans across the country and making us a favourite destination for unique Christmas presents at the moment. And now our loyal shoppers can be rewarded further by picking up one of the 90 records generously signed by Tim and Ian."

Ian Rankin said: "I had a great time writing the story. I wanted it to involve music and musicians and to take place at Christmas. A friend had told me this anecdote about a songwriter's final wishes, and that gave me the idea. Like Tim, I'm a big fan of Oxfam, so it's great that A Little Bit of Powder can help a favourite charity."

Tim Burgess said: "One of the reasons for starting a record label was so that we work on projects like this - our last release was with Professor Tim O'Brien using the sound archive from Jodrell Bank and we've released poetry on vinyl, sleeves that play when you put them on your turntable and then there's the more regular label stuff like records by The Vaccines and R Stevie Moore. I knew Ian was a big fan of vinyl and we became friends over a shared love of music.

"To get a short story from Ian Rankin was amazing. We wanted to make it a release where someone else benefitted from the money and Oxfam was top of our list. Both Ian and I buy lots of records from charity shops and we put it to Oxfam and they loved the idea too."


 The record will be available in 21 Oxfam shops across the country:

• Oxfam Music Glasgow (Byres Rd)

• Oxfam Music Ealing (The Green)

• Oxfam Music Edinburgh (Raeburn Place)

• Oxfam Music Reading (Duke Street)

• Oxfam Music Southampton (East Street)

• Oxfam Music and Books Chelmsford (High Street)

• Oxfam Broad Street (Oxford)

• Oxfam Music and Art Exeter (South Street)

• Oxfam Books and Music Farnham (East Street)

• Oxfam Dalston (Kingsland Road)

• Oxfam Books and Music Crouch End (Park Road)

• Oxfam Bookshop Henley (Duke Street)

• Oxfam Bold Street (Liverpool)

• Oxfam Bookshop Nantwich (Pepper Street)

• Oxfam Bookshop St Albans (Catherine Street)

• Oxfam Bookshop Portobello Road (London)

• Oxfam Bookshop Edinburgh (Morningside Road)

• Oxfam Leeds (Otley Road)

• Oxfam Emporium (Manchester / Oldham Street)

• Oxfam Bookshop Edinburgh (Nicolson Street)

• Oxfam Bookshop Newport (Isle of Wight / St Thomas Square)


Blog post written by Adrian Doherty

Oxfam Scotland Social & Digital Media Volunteer

More by Adrian Doherty