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Leaving Lima, what next?

Posted by Sara Cowan Campaigns and Activism Co-ordinator

16th Dec 2014

Here Oxfam Scotland's campaigner Sara Cowan sums up the experience of UN climate talks that ended in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The negotiations have now drawn to a close. The conference venue is being dismantled (in fact that started on Saturday as the conference overran). Everyone is returning home. 

We're leaving Lima disappointed with the outcome but prepared for the next part of the fight. Lima was always a stepping stone on the road to a fair and ambitious climate deal, there will be several more steps along the way as things gear up for the Paris COP next December. But again Paris is not the end of the journey. The journey for climate justice will last decades as we push for action at global, national and local levels.

We have a part to play. Governments need to hear our voices. We need to be loud in our calls for climate justice and we need to continue getting together and calling for this from the streets of capital cities around the world.

All was definitely not lost in Lima. During the two week conference civil society once again showed that our voice is strong and that we will continue to call for justice. Standing in solidarity with our partners in Peru the largest climate march in Latin America took place. The march is the sign of the spirit and the determination that exists amongst all those fighting for climate justice from the local to global level.

There are positives to the negotiations. For example pledges to the Green Climate Fund finally reach the $10billion mark, there's still along way to go to meet the $100billion target but at least the initial threshold has been reached.

See our round up of the conference paper here .

So what happens next?

Scotland has an ambitious story to tell on climate change. We need to take the momentum that pushed our government here in Scotland to agree this to the next stage. People will be turning out next year, taking to the streets as they did earlier this year. We need to show that Scotland stands as part of this movement demanding climate justice.

It is clear that it is people's action that will have to push this process to more ambition. Our Executive Director Winnie Byanyima explains more here

A lot of work needs to be done between now and Paris next year. Clear commitments need to be made to put trust into the process and developed countries need to show they will follow through on funding commitments with a roadmap for Paris.

To find out more about how you can get involved email Sara (


Blog post written by Sara Cowan

Campaigns and Activism Co-ordinator

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