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Date: Sep 2012

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Pupils plant spring bulbs in Craigmillar

Oxfam Unwrapped helps make a greener Craigmillar


Locavore local food made easy

Earlier this year a new shop opened just round the corner from my flat and it's made buying local produce a whole lot easier than it ever was before, but it's more than just a shop it's...

Mass lobby: Get your Act together


Poverty groups come together for the launch of 'Climbing Out Of Poverty' in Scotland

Poverty groups call on politicians to play the game

A huge board game showing how easy it is to fall in and out of poverty was played in Scotland for the first time today. ...

War Witch film screening as part of Take One Action

Film Screenings

WAR WITCH If you love film and are passionate about global change - don't miss the Take One Action film festival.  ...

Food Costs To Worsen As Extreme Weather Causes Extreme Prices


Hitting the high road with the Culture Kitchen Relay

Two weeks, 14 destinations, three women and one van - these are the ingredients of the Culture Kitchen Relay, an epic road trip around Scotland celebrating local food and regional recipes. ...

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