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Date: Apr 2014

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Malawi crop picking

Adapting to Climate Change in Malawi

Kathryn Porteous recently visited Malawi to find out how Scottish Oxfam projects are yielding results for some of Africa's poorest people. ...

Ending food poverty in Scotland

New figures released by the Trussell Trust show that in the last financial year the number of people in Scotland who turned to food banks increased fivefold from 14,000 to over 71,000...

Rising inequality - and what we can do about it

Oxfam recently revealed that the five richest families in the UK are wealthier than the bottom 20% of the entire population. That's just five households with more money than 12.6 million people...

Danny Alexander MP backs Oxfam Inverness’s Syria campaign

One of our Shop Campaign Champions David Smith proved just how much they can achieve when Highland MP Danny Alexander visited our outlet in Inverness last month (March 21) to back their campaign...

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