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Date: Jul 2014

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To inspire or not to

TED and TEDx talks are often inspiring - they're frequently about individual stories where people have overcome the odds or are creating something amazing. ...

Have your say on inequality

The world's richest 85 people have the same wealth as 3.5 billion people. 5 families in the UK have the same wealth as the poorest 20% of the population. The 10 wealthiest households in Scotland...

3 Families Wealthier Than Poorest 20% of People in Scotland

The richest 3 families in Scotland own more wealth than the poorest 20% of the Scottish population put together, according to a new estimate of inequality released by Oxfam Scotland. ...

The Challenge of Inequality: Time For Debate

Recently released research has revealed increasing levels of poverty in Scotland. Over the last year a further 110,000 people fell below the poverty line, under which affording the basic...

Graphic from Scottish Government report

Unacceptable numbers of people living in poverty highlighted in new Scottish Government report

The Scottish Government's "Poverty and Income Inequality" report, out today, reveals that the economic recovery is not making enough of a difference to the poorest, many of...

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