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Subject: livelihoods

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What Makes for 'Decent Work' in Scotland?

Initial findings of unique research project with low paid workers published ...

Changing Lives in Tanzania: Two Short Films

Oxfam Scotland has two projects in northern Tanzania, funded by the Scottish Government. Halima's Story: Building Sustainable Livelihoods ...

Oxfam Scotland Film Premiere - Free!

Halima's Story and Exaveria's Story Two short films highlighting Oxfam's work in Tanzania, funded by the Scottish Government.  Key note speaker: Humza...

Coatline in the Outer Hebrides. Credit: Daniel Morchain/Oxfam

Home truths: climate change lessons from Britain’s shores

Sea level rise and  more frequent and intense storms have made the Outer Hebrides increasingly vulnerable to coastal flooding. Daniel Morchain recently travelled to the area to see how...

Oxfam unveils unique investment fund in Scotland

Oxfam is demonstrating to the financial industry that investments in developing countries can deliver both social and financial returns. It comes with the creation of a unique investment opportunity....

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