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DEC appeal raises £13 million UK-wide for Yemen

Total includes nearly £1.4 million raised in Scotland ...

2016 year in review

At times in 2016 it has been hard to know where and who to be worried about in the world most. In recent weeks, unfathomable images of the death and destruction in the Syrian city of Aleppo...

Today’s ‘More In Common’ event in Portobello, Edinburgh

Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, spoke at today's 'More In Common' event in Portobello, Edinburgh. He spoke alongside Kim Wallace, a former Oxfam colleague of Jo who organised...


Govan Loves Syria

Oxfam's Love Syria campaign took to the streets of Govan - and people across Glasgow will be able to tune in to find out more. Oxfam Scotland's Lindsay Clydesdale spent five...

Love Syria campaign badges

Oxfam Scotland celebrates 50th anniversary

Oxfam Scotland is celebrating its 50th anniversary today by erecting a 'refugee camp' in the heart of Glasgow to highlight the plight of Syrian refugees.  Show you Love...

Daniela Nardini Launches DEC Appeal for Syria in Glasgow

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) was joined by Scottish actress Daniela Nardini today to urge Scots to respond to the needs of over 5 million people - equal to the population of Scotland -...

David Cameron

Oxfam Scotland statement on PM's aid comments

Oxfam Scotland has responded to the Prime Minsiter's comments on aid and the military. Head of Oxfam Scotland, Judith Robertson, said: "We are deeply concerned at Prime Minister David...

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