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Kids challenge Chancellor on global hunger

Primary school children from East Lothian today challenged the Chancellor to keep the UK's promises on aid in this year's budget. The eight children from Wallyford Primary School,...

Scottish activists take IF message to MPs

Oxfam Scotland volunteer political activism co-ordinator Meray Diner (pictured right with MPs William Bain and Ann McKechin MP) took part in the IF Camapaign Lunch and Lobby last week. Here...

DJ Steg G at Sunny Govan Community Radio

Oxfam calls for increased people power

Oxfam Scotland says increased people power in Scotland should be used to tackle poverty and promote real community-led economic development, tackling inequality and providing sustainable livelihoods...

Oxfam campaigners take the Land Grab campaign to Glasgow's Buchanan Street

Oxfam warns of new 'Highland Clearances'

Oxfam has warned "land grabs" akin to the Highland Clearances in Scotland are taking place in developing countries with some of the world's poorest people forcibly evicted.  ...

Mass lobby: Get your Act together


Scottish dad takes Arms Trade Treaty campaign to the United Nations

David Grimason has today announced he will take his campaign for a strong Arms Trade Treaty to the United Nations during the final talks in New York. Mr Grimason's son Alistair was two-years-old...

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