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Decent Work – do we need more carrot and stick in Scotland?

From our work around the world, it is clear that jobs are a critical driver of development in the world's poorest countries. However, with one in four global workers earning less than $2 a day,...


Oxfam backs call for public inquiry into food banks

Oxfam is backing calls for a public inquiry into the massive rise in the numbers of people relying on food banks. Figures published today by the Trussell Trust, show that more than 350,000...


Help us build Our Economy!

Scotland has a problem. It's the economy. At the moment the wealthiest households in Scotland are 273 times richer than the poorest. There are 8 people on unemployment...

Poverty Commissioner would fight for fair future

In a Platform piece for The Scotsman, Head of Oxfam Scotland Judith Robertson argues for a Scottish Poverty Commissioner. Poverty is a creation of society and - if we work together and have...

Kids challenge Chancellor on global hunger

Primary school children from East Lothian today challenged the Chancellor to keep the UK's promises on aid in this year's budget. The eight children from Wallyford Primary School,...

Scottish activists take IF message to MPs

Oxfam Scotland volunteer political activism co-ordinator Meray Diner (pictured right with MPs William Bain and Ann McKechin MP) took part in the IF Camapaign Lunch and Lobby last week. Here...

Big Ben

Statement on Welfare Benefits Uprating Bill

In response to the Government's publication of the welfare benefits uprating bill today, Head of Oxfam Scotland Judith Robertson said: "This bill will effectively mean a permanent...

DJ Steg G at Sunny Govan Community Radio

Oxfam calls for increased people power

Oxfam Scotland says increased people power in Scotland should be used to tackle poverty and promote real community-led economic development, tackling inequality and providing sustainable livelihoods...

Pic - Andrew Cowan / Scottish Parliament

MSPs show their Humankind side

On the second day of the current parliamentary year, Members of the Scottish Parliament debated a motion welcoming the Oxfam Humankind Index for Scotland. Oxfam Scotland Research and Policy Adviser...

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