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  • Grows vegetables
  • Fills classrooms
  • Drills wells
  • Empowers women
  • Fights poverty
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Thanks to you, Oxfam Unwrapped is changing lives...

Gifts like yours are helping refugees like Irhlas.

She fled the fighting in Syria, arriving at Jordan's Zaatari Camp scared and desperate. She dreams of returning home - but until that can happen, she's safe and well.

Clean water, toilets and washing facilities - provided by people like you - mean she can keep clean. And while she can't yet return home, she's healthy and safe in the meantime.

"We dream of going home, of living safely. But knowing others care gives us hope."

Thanks to gifts like yours, families like Christine's are earning a living.

Christine lives in Northern Rwanda. She's a trained tailor. But since she had to cook her family's meals over an open fire, she spent hours each day cooking meals and collecting kindling.

But now, all that's changed. With a little help from Oxfam, Christine was able to start cooking using biogas - fuelled by the waste of her pig. Now she's got more time for tailoring work and is earning money for the family.

"Before they gave us biogas, my projects used to fail. The biogas helped me have more time with my husband and to share ideas on new projects and business."

Thanks to people like you, Onima's got clean water.

Onima is 15 years-old and she loves dancing, sewing and karate. But Onima's community in Bangladesh didn't have clean water and people were often sick.

But thanks to people like you, Oxfam could provide clean water and toilets. Now the community is safer and Onima's teaching others how to stay safe from disease.

"Oxfam taught me a lot and told me to share what I know. I'm exploring my potential."

We sent Oxfam supporter Andy to Kenya to see how Oxfam Unwrapped gifts like his are helping children keep clean and healthy.

Andy visited a village primary school. They had 170 pupils, but didn't have a toilet. Many parents kept their children away from school because they worried about sanitation.

But all that's changed now that Oxfam's installed a new Fresh Life toilet. Everything's much more hygienic and the student population has soared to over 400 children.

"Sanitation is such a serious subject. It's helping children be healthier and school numbers have increased."

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