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  • Grows vegetables
  • Fills classrooms
  • Drills wells
  • Empowers women
  • Fights poverty
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All profits fight poverty

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Second hand clothing

Instead of new clothing, come to an Oxfam shop and reuse something that has been loved and donated. Better to reuse, than buy new. People have been reusing and reselling clothes with Oxfam since it opened the first shop in 1947 – donating unwanted goods which raise money to beat poverty both in the UK and around the world.

Buy second-hand clothes & accessories in Oxfam's Online Shop. Choose from a range of second-hand women's, men's or kids' clothing including second-hand t-shirts, suits, vintage, dresses and accessories. Every penny you spend helps to support Oxfam's wonderful work around the world.

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About Oxfam's Online Shop

By buying and donating your clothes through Oxfam shops, you can help to protect our planet, while helping the poorest people around the world to escape the injustice of poverty.

If the clothes you give to Oxfam don’t sell in our shops, they go to our pioneering sorting centre, “Wastesaver”. Our team at Wastesaver works hard to resell, reuse or recycle your items -ensuring your clothes continue their journey. Over 14,000 tonnes of clothing each year are diverted from landfill through being donated to Oxfam.

Oxfam offers you a way to help reduce the harmful effect of ‘fast fashion’ on our planet and its people. By buying and donating your clothes through Oxfam shops you can give clothes a second chance –increase their lifespan, while protecting the planet, and raising money to help the poorest people around the world.

Did you know: The average lifespan for an item of clothing in the UK is 2.2 years. Consumers send a whopping 300,000 tonnes of used clothing to landfill every year in the UK - that’s almost the same weight as the Empire State Building.

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Earn Nectar points with 'Tag your bag'

When donating goods to us, sign up to Tag your bag, Oxfam will earn 25% more, you will earn nectar points.

Volunteer with your local shop

Learn new things, meet new people -apply today to volunteer in your local Oxfam shop.