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 Whatever the occasion, helping Oxfam bust poverty with an Oxfam Unwrapped charity gift list always feels good and entertains friends and family. Choose novel and meaningful gifts for your guests to buy, from 'Chickens' to 'Give girls a head start'. Celebrate a marriage, birthday, birth, religious or life milestone- even Christmas- with Oxfam and change lives for generations.

Choose an Oxfam Unwrapped wedding or civil partnership gift list, and not only will you be changing lives and offering something out-of-the-ordinary to your guests, you could win the eco-glamping honeymoon of your dreams with Canopy & Stars.

To win the delightfully eco-glam stay for two, simply set up your gift list with Oxfam Unwrapped and share it with your guests.

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A couple of goats is a great gift for a family living in poverty, and even better when the whole community can benefit, as Thoko discovered.

Thoko, is HIV positive, has four children and no other family members to support her. So she was chosen to be one of the first people in her community to get Oxfam's life-changing goats.

Even before the goats had kids that she could sell, Thoko used their manure on her garden to grow more to eat. And once they had kids she sold them on to her neighbours and bought additional food for her family with the proceeds.

Thoko's plan is to buy iron sheets for the roof of her house and for her children to stay in school. Thanks to some Oxfam goats the future looks brighter for Thoko and her family.