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Tamryn's Wedding tips


Tamryn Kirby

Tamryn Kirby is the author of 'Confessions of a Wedding Planner' and a two-time winner of the Best Wedding Planner title at the Wedding Awards. So we're delighted that she has joined up with Oxfam to give her expert advice for organising the perfect wedding day.

1: Budgets

Tamryn's Budget tips

Get Tamryn's top money-saving tips and be smart with your wedding budget!

2: Venues

Tamryn's Venues tips

In this top tip Tamryn tells us how to pick the right venue for wedding success.

3: Flowers

Tamryn's Flowers tips

In this top tip Tamryn teaches us how to get fabulous flower arrangements on a budget.

4: Cakes

Tamryn's Cake tips

Don't let your wedding cake go to waste with this budget-busting tip from Tamryn.

5: Dancing

Tamryn's Dancing tips

Banish those first-dance nerves and get the party started with this top tip from Tamryn.

6: Photography

Tamryn's Photography tips

In this top tip Tamryn tell us how that pre-wedding photo shoot can save your day! 

7: The dress

Tamryn's Wedding Gown tips

Get the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the cost with this top tip from wedding expert, Tamryn Kirby.

8: Food & drink

Get Tamryn's top budget-busting tip and make the most out of your wedding food.

9: Guests

Tamryn's Guest tips

In this top tip Tamryn teaches us to look at the day from our guests point of view for wedding success.