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Your Wedding Stories


Wedding dress stories


My best friend got her wedding dress from your shop in Southampton, so I had to go and look before my wedding. I tried on lots of very nice dresses, but was having trouble deciding. Then I caught a glimpse of a gorgeous creamy off-white lace on a heavy, expensive looking fabric, and fell in love. I held my breath as I pulled the dress out, hoping that the style was what I wanted. It certainly was, and by chance the dress also fit me perfectly with no alterations.

I wasn't sure whether it was just a myth that you try on a dress and know it's the one, but apparently it really does happen. Of course you know you've got the right one when your mum cries!



Hi to all OXFAM BRIDES, present and future!

I have always thought, how utterly romantic it would be to wear a charity shop Bridal Gown for our wedding at a little Chapel in Las Vegas.

So when I walked up the steps in Bradford's Oxfam to the Bridal Rooms, I could not wait to see the gowns. And there they were...inviting rails of beautiful dresses...just for me to try. There were so many, I didn't know where to start. I tried on my favourite, and it did not suit me. I tried another one. I looked at my future Mother-in-Law , who had accompanied me on this adventure: "Help!"

Then, after a couple of maybes, Diane, the lovely Bridal Room manageress passed me a dress and said: "Try this one, it came in this week". It was a style I would never have picked, but as soon as my Mum-in-Law had laboriously laced me in, and I stepped in front of the mirror, I knew, this was The One. It just felt right.

My Mum-in-Law took a picture there and then, and I looked at it every day until we picked it up. And then, in September last year, my beautiful husband told me on our wedding day, how much he liked it, too. We had a magical Wedding Day, everything was perfect for us and we still smile and go totally moochy every time we think of it.

So, thanks BRIDAL ROOMS BRADFORD, a great big THANK YOU to Diane, for suggesting my beautiful dress and to her lovely assistant for helping. We chatted about getting married in Vegas and found that Diane had also tied the knot there, still going strong. 

There is just a certain vibe to buying your most important dress in such an illustrious, lovingly created setting, in such inspiring company, and being one of a long line of ladies, who would rather wear a loved, dear dress with a history or a dress given to help, than a brand new one without a soul.

I have already found my 1st Anniversary, Vows Renewal Dress. And guess where?? And guess where we're going?? Oh, the sheer romance of it all!

Thank you, Oxfam Bridal Bradford!! We love you!

Mrs & Mr Dickinson


I made an appointment for some try-ons at the Bracknell bridal shop. I managed to get a good idea of what would suit me as I was an 'older' bride. I found a perfectly fitting bodice top in the shop for £40, and then bought a new but not worn straight skirt with a puddle train from the online shop. It still had the shop label on it of £200 but I paid £20. They went perfectly together, and I was able to buy something less restricting too for the dancing. I have recommended it since!