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Refunds FAQs

  • Will I definitely get my deposit back ?

    If you satisfactorily complete all of your shifts at all of the festivals that you sign up for, you will get your full deposit back. This includes being on time for every shift and returning your tabard when you have finished your shifts. If you do not complete your shifts without a valid reason, or if you do not adhere to our volunteer policy (which you will read as part of the application process) you will not be refunded. For more details about the cancellation fee's please see the question Will I get my full deposit back if I cancel? in the cancellation section of our FAQs.

  • When will my deposit be refunded ?

    Your deposit will be refunded directly back to the card you used to pay your deposit. We will aim to process all refunds within four weeks of the last festival at which you volunteer. Please note it may up to six weeks for refunds where your last Festival is Glastonbury or Bestival due to the sheer number of stewards we have onsite. It can then take up to ten days for the money to credit your account. If for any reason the payment is rejected by your account, there will inevitably be a delay while we investigate and we appreciate your cooperation and patience in these rare occurrences

  • What do I do if the card I paid my deposit on has been replaced ?

    Please tell us as soon as possible by calling us on on 0300 200 1266, so that we can sort out an alternative way to refund you. Please do not send us new details by e-mail. If you have already been refunded you will need to contact your bank, but get in touch with us first, so we can help you through the process.

  • I need to get a refund but my friend or family member paid my deposit ?

    Your refund will always go back to the card it was paid on at the point of Festival Applications - for security reasons we can't change these details unless the card payer contacts us directly.

  • I cancelled my festivals where is my deposit ?

    This depends on the date you cancelled your festival - If it's after the deadline then you may have lost your deposit unless you provided a good reason, it may be the team are at that festival and won't be able to process it until they get back.  Please  check your bank card and make sure it hasn't expired or someone else paid your deposit. If you are having problems then please call us on 0300 200 1266.

  • It has been over 4 weeks where is my deposit ?

    Please check your bank card and make sure it hasn't expired or did someone else pay your deposit? We refund back to the card you used when applying , unless you have advised us separately, so please check the credits in your relevant bank account - the reference is not always Oxfam. Perhaps the amount is less than you thought as you made a donation or bought some festival merchandise and you didn't notice as you were expecting a different amount?

    It may also be that you didn't work all your shifts or you forgot to sign in or out. In addition, make sure you haven't applied to steward any future festivals as we only refund once all your festivals have been completed. If you worked Glastonbury or Bestival then please note the wait can be up to 6 weeks due to the scale of these festivals. If you are having problems then please call us on 0300 200 1266.

  • What happens to my deposit if I cancel after the deadline ?

    Please read our cancellation FAQs.