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About the shifts


As an Oxfam steward you will usually be required to complete three shifts of 8.25 hours each over the course of the festival.

About the shifts

When will I find out my shifts?

You will find out your shift times and roles/locations when you arrive to register at the festival site. You will be expected to turn up to all your shifts by the start time stated on the shift letter. It is really important that you turn up for your assigned shifts on time, as Oxfam and the rest of your team depend on you.

What time of day will I be on shift?

Festivals are dynamic environments and run 24 hours a day. So, at most of our festivals we need stewarding cover to run 24 hours a day. You will usually have one daytime shift, one afternoon/evening shift and one overnight shift. This may mean you have to get up early, miss music and catch up on sleep during the day.

All stewards will get a half-hour break on each of their shifts. Your supervisor will organise your breaks, so please make sure you do not take your break without agreement as this may put your deposit at risk.

When will my first shift be?

You may not have your first shift until the Thursday or Friday of the festival, even though you may be asked to arrive on site a day or two earlier. This is because it is imperative everyone attends the same briefings, training and registration and we do not have the time to brief people individually.

Your Supervisor

On all of your shifts you will be allocated a supervisor. You will normally meet your supervisor at your shift location but this can change at each festival. If you have any problems or issues on your shift, your supervisor is the first person you should go to.