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Exercise TRAILWALKER started out as a military training exercise in Hong Kong in 1981. Organised by the Queen's Gurkha Signals, and taking place along the famous Maclehose Trail, the exercise sought to test the endurance and teamwork of soldiers of the Queen's Gurkha Signals over a long and arduous course.

In 1986, Trailwalker was opened to civilian participation for the first time, and now, 30 years later, following the move of the Queen's Gurkha Signals to the UK, the 100k event takes place across the South Downs, with hundreds of civilians setting off from the start line alongside the Gurkhas.


The original start point (and probably the same tents!) in Tai Lam Chung, Hong Kong.

Trailwalker in the UK

Since the return of the Brigade of Gurkhas to the United Kingdom in 1997, the Queen's Gurkha Signals sought to continue the tradition of Exercise TRAILWALKER. With the first event being held in 1998, the course was set across the South Downs National Park in Sussex. With its own breathtaking views, stunning valleys and tough climbs, the traditional character of the exercise was preserved as closely as possible.

Each year, the entirety of the three Squadrons that form the Queen's Gurkha Signals deploy days before participants arrive to begin setting up each of the checkpoints along the route. In recent years, this has grown to include all elements of the Brigade of Gurkhas; The Royal Gurkha Rifles, Queen's Gurkha Engineers, Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment and the Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support each play an important role in the delivery of the exercise. The chefs of the Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment set about cooking traditional cuisine for over 3000 participants, whilst the Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support assist with race registration and tracking.

Over the years of charitable partnership, the exercise has raised significant funds for Oxfam GB and the GWT, making a real difference to the lives of families and people around the world. Most recently, money raised from the Gurkha 200 edition of Ex TRAILWALKER was instrumental in reconstruction and relief in the wake of the tragic earthquakes in Nepal.

All of these factors have contributed to a timeless and unique challenge that will benefit not only those who complete it, but thousands of people around the world. Whether an elite athlete, or casual hiker, the Exercise TRAILWALKER will push you to achieve an unthinkable feat, one to be remembered for a lifetime.