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The Challenge

Trailwalker is the ultimate team endurance event. 'The challenge is to walk, jog or run 100km across the South Downs Way in under 30 hours in a team of four, with a support crew of two members to help you get to the finish line.

From the second you sign up you'll be supported with comprehensive communications, advice and guides from the Trailwalker team. You'll also experience the outstanding organisation of the Queen's Gurkha Signals and be cheered by amazing volunteers en route. With our support you'll find the strength you never knew you had to get to the finish line next summer.

The route

Starting at Queen Elizabeth Country Park the Trailwalker route takes you along the South Downs Way to the finish line at Brighton Racecourse. You will pass through 9 checkpoints along the course. The distance between the checkpoints varies from 10km to 15km. All details are in the Map and Event Guide.

View the map in full here

Your Team

Your team should be made up of 4 walkers, and a minimum of 2 support crew members. Your support crew are a compulsory part of your Trailwalker team and should be a minimum of 2 people. It can be made up of friends or family who'll meet you at each of the 9 checkpoints along the route and provide much needed supplies, motivation and encouragement. They will help carry your kit and ensure you have everything you need to make it to the finish line.


Event weekend


You will arrive at the start area on Friday from 4pm for registration where you will be given your race number and timing chip. From approximately 6pm hot food will be available. You can camp for free, or some prefer to find a local hotel or B&B. Later in the evening, after greetings from Oxfam, The Gurkha Welfare Trust and The Queens Gurkha Signals most retire to bed ready for the challenge in the morning.


The first walkers will wake up in time for a 6am start time and then each hour until 10am. A cooked breakfast is provided but some bring their own. Once the starts get going you will hear bagpipes and a claxon for each start time. This is a wonderful part of the challenge full of adrenaline, anticipation and excitement for the challenge ahead.

9 checkpoints

Once you have crossed the start line you have 9 checkpoints ahead of you where your support crew will meet you and provide everything you have asked of them, whether it's socks, Vaseline, hugs, complex carbohydrate or sweets. You will be greeted by Oxfam volunteers, support crews and the Queens Gurkha Signals. There will be massages at CP5 and 8 and hot food at CP 7. At each of the check points it is essential that you dib in with your timing chip.

Sunday and the finish line

By this point you will be tiring but you will have the support of everyone around you. As you reach the finish line you will be cheered in by The Queens Gurkha Signals' bagpipes and the crowds that have gathered. Once over the line you will be awarded your medal and will be able finally relax and have curry served by the Gurkhas. Friends and family can come and meet you, and your support crew will be there too who are equally deserving of a rest. We must stress that you should not drive tired. Have a designated driver or stay the night nearby if you can.

We can guarantee that whatever happens over your Trailwalker weekend it will not be forgotten. You will find the strength you never knew you had and you will be Trailwalker Strong.

Are you a Trailwalker legend?

Starting in 2016, we now honour Trailwalker Legends - people who have participated in 3 or more Trailwalkers.

All legends will receive a specially designed buff which can be worn in a variety of ways and is brightly coloured so Legends can be easily spotted on the course.

Oxfam Trailwalkers who are taking on their third Trailwalker or more will be given a blue buff, people who will be taking on their fifth or more will be wearing an orange buff and those who have completed 10 or more Trailwalkers will be seen in a red buff.

We hope all legends wear their buff with pride to show everyone how far they have walked to support Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust.

Meet Pete and his team of legends ...

Team Turn Around Kids

'The three turnaround kids teams have now completed this event for the last ten years, including a number or newly "buffed" legends... Every year the organisation and support just keeps getting better so thank you to the Gurkhas, Oxfam staff and volunteers and everyone else that makes this such a tremendous event.'