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The challenge

The challenge

Trailwalker is an unforgettable endurance challenge to get your team of four 100km across the South Downs in under 30 hours. Is it tough? Of course. Is it worth it?


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What's involved

Set up by the legendary Gurkhas, Trailwalker is the ultimate physical and mental challenge. You'll need to motivate and encourage each other from the start to make it to the finish line so be prepared to pull together to achieve something astonishing.

Your support crew are a vital part of your team. The crew can be made up of friends and family who'll meet you at checkpoints along the route and provide supplies and encouragement. They will help carry your kit and give you the motivation and morale to complete the challenge.

It will be one of the toughest challenges you have ever done, but the sense of achievement you will get as your cross the finish line will be one of the best feelings in the world.


Welcome to the Trailwalker gallery. The 100km route follows the beautiful South Downs National Park along the coast meaning motivational scenery from start to finish. Photo : Crispin Hughes.

The Queen’s Gurkha Signals have been organising Trailwalker for over 30 years . They arrange all the logistical infrastructure behind the event and provide a truly unique atmosphere. Photo : RB Create

Each team must have a ‘Support Crew’ to meet them at the ten checkpoints along the course and provide clean clothes, snacks and vital encouragement. Photo : RB Create

Trekking into the night is a beautiful, unique, surreal and mentally challenging time of Trailwalker where the team must really pull together. Photo : RB Create

The trail of head torches stretching away into the distance will be a lifelong memory from the event. You’ve been going 17 hours, and have another 8 to go. Photo : astronomy4everyone

Dawn. Around 20km to go. Daylight boosts spirits, renews belief and spurs you onto the finish line. It’s an incredible part of the experience. Photo : RB Create

Gurkha pipers send you off at the start line and greet you at the finish line. It’s an incredibly moving moment being welcomed home in front of the crowds. Photo : RB create

The joy of crossing the line with your friends as the crowd cheers you on will be a lifelong memory, and what’s more you can rest assured you’ve earned every penny you’ve raised. Photo : RB Create

The route

The route starts at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park and ends at Brighton Racecourse. Along the way you'll follow grass and flint tracks across the rolling countryside, passing stunning dry valleys and pretty villages. There are also steep climbs up scarp slopes, and dramatic views from high points. It's a cracking mix.

View the map in full here


A global challenge

Trailwalker UK is just one of 16 events across 11 countries worldwide that make up the Trailwalker family of events.

You can find out more about the history and location of each one on the Trailwalker International website. It really is a global phenomenon and incredibly interesting to see the similarities (and differences) across the events. Check it out.

Trailwalker International website