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What's provided

Trailwalker is tough. We've been there and done it. Drawing on our own experience, advice from veterans and the Queens Gurkha Signals, we provide you with unique training and fundraising support to help you and your team make it to the finish line.

We have put together a number of guides to help you and your team prepare for the challenge of a lifetime. Not only that, the support you will receive throughout the challenge is overwhelming. Oxfam volunteers and the Gurkhas will welcome you to each checkpoint, even in the middle of the night and when it is pouring with rain.

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What you'll get

Before the challenge

  • Prep sessions
  • Regular updates with event information and training advice
  • Expert fundraising advice
  • Full event guides for you and your support crew
  • Dedicated team to answer your queries

Throughout the challenge:

  • Oxfam volunteers and Gurkhas cheering you at each checkpoint.
  • Free camping (Friday evening)
  • Hot food (Friday evening, Saturday morning and Checkpoint 7)
  • Fully signed route
  • Medical support at each checkpoint

After the finish line:

  • Unique Trailwalker medal
  • Nepalese curry
  • Hot showers and massage
  • Ongoing fundraising support
  • Incredible sense of achievement and pride
  • Access to team photos

Tips from teams

"Train, train and train. Look at the route in detail and try, if you can, to get out onto the Downs and walk as much of the route as possible before the event."
Francesca, The Walking Deads

"Do at least one 60km group training session, partly at night, at least one month before. This distance is long enough to give you a taste of what you may experience, while giving you enough recovery time to try and resolve those problems before the event."
Charlie, Adder Ladder

"Prepare for blisters! Really put your socks and footwear through the mill to see if they rub at all because even if they feel OK in shorter training sessions, it might not feel the same after 8 hours walking!"
Neil, Eager Eagles

"Train together with your team as often as possible. We weren't able to get many walks in together and there were two distinct speed factions in our team."
Trailwalker Team 2013

"The support around the course is second to none. The Gurkhas and the volunteers provide much needed motivation at each checkpoint. They are awesome"
Yorkies go Walkies

"Support crew are as important as you're team mates - they really do help get you to the finish, don't under-estimate their importance!"

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