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Charles Seaford

Head of Well-being at the new economics foundation (nef)

Charles Seaford

Charles' work at nef involves promoting new measures of social progress and then using these to stimulate new approaches to (mainly economic) policy - for example, the design of a British investment bank. He also works on housing policy.

Before Charles joined nef he worked at the UK government's Sustainable Development Commission where he advised on skills development and innovation, government structures, and communicating and engaging with the public. Charles previously worked in management consultancy, specialising in strategic change, and he co-wrote a book on moral purpose in business. He co-founded Prospect, a leading political and intellectual monthly magazine and earlier in his career worked as an equity analyst in the City and as a branding consultant. Charles holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and an MSc in Business Studies from the London Business School.

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