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Juliet Michaelson

Senior Researcher and Programme Co-ordinator at the new economics foundation (nef)

Juliet Michaelson

Juliet manages a number of research projects which explore the measurement of well-being and its implications for policy, including work on National Accounts of Well-being and the Happy Planet Index. She is an author of nef 's contribution to the UK national debate on well-being: Measuring our progress: The power of well-being. and is a member of the Technical Advisory Group working with the UK Office for National Statistics on Measuring National Well-being. She recently co-ordinated the work of an expert consortium which designed a repeat module of well-being questions for the Round 6 European Social Survey.

Juliet has worked on projects examining the implications of well-being research for policy areas such as the built environment, housing and public health. She has led nef's work on well-being and local government, involving discussions with local authorities about embedding a well-being approach across their activity. She is also involved in nef's work on BRAINPOoL, a cross-Europe FP7-funded project examining how to increase the use of alternative indicators in policy.

Previously Juliet worked in public sector consultancy, and carried out large-scale social survey research at the National Centre for Social Research. She holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics.




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