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Date: Oct 2013

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Working single parents will be worse off under universal credit – but the government can change that

As the government's Universal Credit initiative to combine several welfare payments into one goes into its next phase, Caroline Davey from Gingerbread talks about the negative impact that it...

Lining up life and economy to create a good society

I did a bit of thinking over the summer. Mulling over ideas such as what is 'good development'? What is a good society? What is 'good growth' rather than just recovery of the old...

Help us win £50,000 to fund our fantastic work in the UK

Oxfam is known for its work in over 90 countries around the world, but did you know that we also work with some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK? ...

The road outside the Scottish parliament building. Credit: Mike Grote

Looking beyond GDP with the Humankind Index

As we launch the Humankind Index policy assessment tool, guest bloggers Charles Seaford and Juliet Michaelson of the new economics foundation explain how the Humankind Index is helping to make...