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Date: Apr 2013

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Why is Oxfam working with food banks in the UK?

There's a saying in my home town of Wigan, in the North of England, that's often shouted at football matches and displayed on souvenirs. It goes 'We come from Wigan and we live in mud...

For once, the media showed they understand poverty in the UK

Since Iain Duncan Smith rashly joined a long list of politicians trying to "experience poverty" by declaring that he could live on £53 a week (the level of income a market trader said he...

Speaking up for the most vulnerable in Britain is not “out of touch”

The April Fool's Day welfare changes are no joke. They are a serious threat to those living in poverty in the UK. Katherine Trebeck, Research and Policy Adviser for Oxfam's UK Poverty programme,...

FAN group in action

FANs gather for fun and friendship

Who is my friend? Who is my neighbour? Being a good friend and neighbour starts with each one of us. FAN groups are small groups of friends and neighbours - or people who soon become friends. ...