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Challenging lies about poverty in Wales

As poverty in Wales rises, Oxfam Cymru and the Church in Wales join forces to challenge the myths about poverty. Julian Rosser, head of Oxfam Cymru, discusses some of the myths perpetuated by the...

UK construction workers

Living wage: what happens when companies put well-being before profits

As Oxfam celebrates becoming a living wage employer, Oxfam GB's ethical trade manager Rachel Wilshaw explains what a living wage means for Oxfam - and why it is so desperately needed by workers...

Lining up life and economy to create a good society

I did a bit of thinking over the summer. Mulling over ideas such as what is 'good development'? What is a good society? What is 'good growth' rather than just recovery of the old...

Is it about time we stopped attacking the welfare state?

Is it about time we stopped attacking the welfare state?

Even though a recent survey has shown that attitudes towards people on benefits might be softening, the stigma of living in poverty is very much alive. Just last week, at the Liberal Democrats conference,...

For once, the media showed they understand poverty in the UK

Since Iain Duncan Smith rashly joined a long list of politicians trying to "experience poverty" by declaring that he could live on £53 a week (the level of income a market trader said he...