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Scam emails alert

Important information about fraudulent communications claiming to come from Oxfam

Unfortunately charities are occasionally the subject of unscrupulous individuals who make fraudulent attempts at taking money from charity supporters through activities such as lottery scams or email fraud. From time to time, charity fraud does affect Oxfam and this section of the website aims to highlight the current scams.

If you receive anything that looks fraudulent, eg emails that purport to come from Oxfam, please do not register your details with the sender. Instead either delete the email or forward it in its entirety including header information, to (Please do not use this email address for any other communications as it is not checked daily).

In the event of Oxfam being notified of any fraudulent activity, the appropriate authorities are always notified. We also follow up with the hosting providers where we can identify them, but we cannot always guarantee to prevent all such communications circulating.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Scams that we are currently aware of:

The details below are the scams that we are currently aware of. Oxfam would like to emphasise that it does not make cash awards of this nature and such communications are completely spurious and fraudulent.

Fundraising scams


An email is circulating that asks for donations using a case study of our work in Chad. The text of the email is very similar to a genuine fundraising email sent out by Oxfam on 19 June, quoting Emily Prior, a member of our staff.

The key differences, and how to spot the scams:

If you are unsure about emails received from Oxfam, please contact us:

Cash Award / Grant

These emails advise that Oxfam GB is awarding significant cash grants (examples seen include offers of £350,000, £750,000, £850,000 and £2,550,000) and they ask you to provide personal details - including your bank account.

Subject headings include:

  • "Oxfam GB - UK Grant / Cash Donation"


  • "Oxfam-GB Donation [ Act Fast ]"


  • "Oxfam GB (UK) International Donation Scheme"

  • "Oxfam-GB Grant 2010"

  • "Verification / Funds release Form"

Signatories include:

  • Gerald Church
  • Dr Fisher Adams

  • Sir Graham Mackay

  • The Oxfam Foundation

  • Oxfam International

  • Dr Greg Anthony

  • Cole Bentford, Vice President, Oxfam GB-Uk

  • Jeffery Dean, Public Relations Officer, Oxfam GB-Uk

  • Dr. Jommy Jacob

  • Dr. Tom Tulkin, National Secretary Oxfam GB (UK)

  • Dr. Johnson Lewis

  • Mrs Sheila Costanzo

These emails will often use our old postal address:

  • 274 Banbury Road, Oxford

Focus Investment Funds letter

We have seen letters using this company name asking people to contact an American number regarding a transfer of funds to Oxfam. Please do not make any contact with these people.

Please contact us  if you have any other questions or concerns.