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Oxfam's global identity

In 2012 Oxfam introduced a global identity. That means that all the different Oxfam affiliates across the world will have the same look and feel. A poster in a shop window in Manchester will have the same identity as a leaflet produced in Oxfam Mexico. Ultimately, this will increase our impact on poverty.

We want to share with you, our supporters, the reasons behind this move, and answer any questions you may have.


What is a global identity?

An identity is essentially a 'brand'. Across the world, we're introducing one brand for all Oxfam affiliates - hence 'global identity'. 

For Oxfam the global identity includes: 

  • Our strategic positioning: what we do, what we offer and who we are.
  • The way we communicate - our tone of voice and our visual identity, including our logo, colour palette, fonts, and other key design elements.

Why is a global identity important for Oxfam?

For Oxfam to have the biggest impact on poverty, our supporters and the people we work with need to understand who we are and what we do. A strong identity enables us to do this cost-effectively. It helps us build support, raise funds and ultimately help many more people work their way out of poverty.


What benefits can Oxfam expect from the global identity?

  •  Increased recognition of Oxfam as a global organisation.


  •  Cost savings through increased collaboration and sharing of communications materials. 

What is Oxfam's new global identity?

  • Our purpose (what we do): Oxfam is a global movement for change.  It's a network that empowers individuals, communities and organisations to build a future free from the injustice of poverty.
  • Our proposition (what we offer to everyone involved with Oxfam): You can be part of building a positive future now.  A future free from the injustice of poverty.
  • Our personality (who we are): practical visionary".

What does "practical visionary" mean?

It's our personality, which is at the heart of all our communications. It means that Oxfam has the vision to create major change, backed up with practical, effective solutions.

Will the Global Identity save Oxfam money?

Rebranding a global operation like Oxfam's is a pretty big job - this project will cost about £550,000 which is being split between the 15 Oxfam offices around the world, according to their size. Oxfam GB will incur the greatest share of the cost, but due to the benefits that Oxfam GB stands to gain through having a more unified and consistent brand then we think this is a worthwhile investment. The full cost would be less than 0.14% of Oxfam GB's yearly turnover. 
In terms of savings, having a consistent global identity will save time and money in producing communications. Over time there will be further savings, as staff share communication materials across the world. 

We are proud of our new global identity. We believe it is a considered use of our expenditure and will ensure that Oxfam continues to improve and save lives around the world.