Oxfam in Angola

Oxfam trained peer educator Joachim Domingos demonstrates how to use a condom as part of our HIV prevention work in Angola. Photo: Andy Hall

From our staff

Sebastiao Vemba, HIV & AIDS Programme Manager

Oxfam works in Angola to support the poorest and most vulnerable people. We run a variety of projects to help the country meet the Millennium Development Goals, such as a large project to enable people in the Huambo, Moxico, Benguela and Bie provinces to have a reliable supply of clean, safe water.

We also focus in particular on the needs of women - as is the case with Oxfam's work everywhere. And we strive to attract attention to the issues Oxfam works on, and to build better links with decision-makers, so we can push for changes that focus on the needs of poor communities. 

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Angola (PDF, 272KB)

In 2013-14 Oxfam helped:

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