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Oxfam in Indonesia

Lombok earthquake

A powerful earthquake has hit the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Oxfam is there. We have already sent out tarpaulin for shelter from our warehouse in Jakarta. We have a mobile water treatment unit there providing safe drinking water for about 5,000 people. We are planning to increase our delivery of life-saving aid.

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An Indonesian man takes smartphone photographs of a collapsed mosque after an earthquake struck northern Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, 6th August 2018.

Monday's 6.9 magnitude tremor, the largest so far, reportedly killed over 400 people and destroyed 150,000 homes. There are people caught in the rubble of collapsed buildings who are still awaiting rescue. Earlier reports suggested at least 600,000 had suffered from impact of the three big quakes and hundreds of tremors over the past two weeks.

With the latest quake adding to the tens of thousands already in temporary shelters and under open skies, there is an increasing need for water, food, shelter, medical supplies, and other essentials.

The people here are severely traumatized. They've lost families or don't know where they are. In many areas, over 80% of buildings, roads, and other facilities are destroyed. It's a struggle to find water, food, electricity and other essentials.

We're trying to get aid to them as fast as we can. We also want to help them deal with the trauma too, but it's difficult, and progress is slow due to conditions on the ground. We thank the government and local organisations for their tremendous efforts, but we need to do more.

Meili Nart, Oxfam Project Manager based in Lombok.

Last updated 09/08/2018

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Oxfam provides drinking water and shelter to survivors of Indonesian earthquake

Spokespeople available Oxfam is providing clean drinking water and tarpaulin shelter sheets to 5,000 survivors following a devastating earthquake, the second within a week, hit Lombok Island in Indonesia on Sunday.

From our staff

Irene Purman Cahyani, Indonesia Building Resilience Team

 I work mostly on training local villagers to be ready to face droughts, floods and landslides. I help to select community organisers, who then play a lead role in helping people understand and share the training. It's an important job because people can easily fall into poverty when floods hit their village, but the training can prevent this. I was very proud that when the latest floods hit the Belu district in March 2011, there was no loss of life. Previous floods have claimed lives, but the community organiser in the district has worked well and so people were prepared.

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Indonesia (PDF, 290KB)

In 2016-17 Oxfam helped:

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