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Oxfam in Kenya

Selina Adapal, a member of Oxfam's water and sanitation committee and a water kiosk operator in Turkana, northern Kenya. Photo: Jane Beesley

From our staff

Mohammed Mursal, Wajir Programme Manager

 A lot of the work Oxfam does in Kenya involves what we call 'capacity building'. This means helping local organisations to develop, so they can be more involved in work such as peace-building, responding to emergencies, helping people prepare for disasters and pushing for policy changes that benefit poor people. 

In fact, one of the things I'm most proud of, having been with Oxfam for 17 years, is the change I've seen from Oxfam directly running our projects here to being more involved with supporting local level partners - many of which are themselves the products of our own capacity-building work. 

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