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Oxfam in Mozambique

Pupils studying in a full classroom at Montes Namuli Primary School. Oxfam works to help ensure children, especially young girls, are able to access a quality basic education. Photo: Neo Ntsoma

What we're doing

Oxfam started work in Mozambique in 1984, when we came to the region to help people affected by a lengthy civil war. Since the end of the conflict, our work here has focused on supporting people to make a better, fairer living. We provide vulnerable children with access to a quality education, in addition to supporting women to become more independent. Helping people to cope with the impact of HIV and AIDS is another one of our key priorities in Mozambique, since more than 16% of the sexually active population is estimated to be living with the condition. 

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Mozambique (PDF, 207KB)

In 2016-17 Oxfam directly helped

people in Mozambique

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