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Oxfam in Asia


Asia has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world.  But the ever-widening  gap between rich and poor  is a stark reminder that Asia is still home to over two-thirds of the world's poorest people.

Since 1951, Oxfam has worked throughout the region, helping to save lives and support families, communities, and local organisations as they build a future free from poverty.

Oxfam's work in Asia spans twelve countries - each with their own unique set of challenges.

Droughts, floods, cyclones and earthquakes affect hundreds of millions of people across the region every year. Oxfam is working with communities to raise houses, set up early warning systems, plant drought-resistant seeds and prevent the loss of lives and livelihoods when disaster strikes.

And as families strive to put food on the table, send their kids to school,  stay healthy, earn a living, and speak out against injustice and inequality, Oxfam is with them every step of the way.  Together we are making change happen - supporting people as they become independent and self-reliant - and  take advantage of the opportunities they help to create.

Oxfam in Asia