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Oxfam in Zambia

Members of the Society for Family Health Drama Group perform a story about HIV and AIDS. Oxfam supports programmes to raise awareness on HIV prevention as well as providing treatment and care to those affected with the virus. Photo: Ruth Thompson

What we're doing

Oxfam has been active in Zambia since the early 1980s. With 64% of people living below the poverty line, it's one of the world's poorest countries, and despite a growing economy, the country has one of the highest levels of inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our work here aims to help people make a fair living, gain an education and increase their awareness about HIV and AIDS. We also promote women's rights, deliver improved access to water and sanitation, and help communities cope with the impact of natural disasters. Our goal is to ensure everyone here benefits from a prosperous Zambia.

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Zambia (PDF, 537KB)

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