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Cyclone Fani

Homes and livelihoods have been lost after the worst cyclone India's seen in 20 years.

Oxfam is working with governments and local partners on the ground to understand the impact and respond to the needs of those affected by heavy rains and flooding in India and Bangladesh.

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Cyclone Fani hit India's eastern coastline on the 3rd May damaging homes and livelihoods before moving on to Bangladesh. 2.8 million people were evacuated. 

Oxfam India has sanitation and food security experts on the ground in Odisha and is working with local partners to provide emergency food distribution, safe drinking water, shelter and sanitation.

The teams are reporting extensive damage to homes, crops, power and telecoms infrastructure.

We have enough emergency supplies on the ground for 3000 families in Odisha and 5000 families in West Bengal.

We're monitoring the situation and keeping close contact with local partners in the affected districts.

You can help: Donate now 


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