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Malawi hunger crisis appeal


In Malawi, a devastating drought means more than 6.7 million people are struggling to find food. Farmers' crops have failed. Parents are being forced to take desperate measures to earn enough to feed their families. Almost a million children under two are facing malnutrition.

People need urgent help.

Oxfam is providing emergency cash and food, life-saving water, and the seeds and fertiliser farmers need to feed their families and restart their livelihoods.

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In Malawi, people are resorting to desperate measures to feed their families. 6.7m people face hunger. Parents are driven to do whatever it takes to buy food. They risk imprisonment or their own health. Oxfam’s helping keep thousands safe, but we need your help to do more.

Credit: Eldson Chagara/Oxfam

In Malawi, a devastating drought means over 6m people are facing hunger. Oxfam's there providing food and helping farmers like Jenipher. It's working, but we need your support to save more lives.

Credit: Eldson Chagara/Oxfam

Like so many others, Julius has had to resort to desperate measures to keep his family alive. He runs the risk of being imprisoned, ruining his future, and plunging his family into even deeper poverty.

Credit: Eldson Chagara/Oxfam

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