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Nepal Earthquake Appeal: in pictures

The next few days are critical - for survivors, basic assistance could mean the difference between life and death. Oxfam is there, providing clean water, sanitation and shelter, but the level of need is immense - many more people urgently need help.

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Oxfam volunteer Shekhou Khadka unloads latrines being delivered to a camp in Kathmandu. He is one of 500 volunteers trained under the urban risk management program. "I'm sleeping under canvas outside our house but my family are safe. I became a volunteer because I wanted to serve my community. The big challenges that lie ahead are supplying food, water, health care, and the scarcity of food." Credit: Aubrey Wade

Shekhou Khadka works to erect a water tank in Kathmandu, Nepal. The water tanks can hold up to 11,000 litres of clean water. Credit: Aubrey Wade

A woman helping to clear up in the search for bodies under the debris of the temples at Patan Durbar Square a few hours after the earthquake hit. Credit: Shristi Rajbhandari

The majority of locals slept in the open area on the night following the earthquake with fear of ongoing tremors. Instead of tents, this local in Satdobato area brought his bed onto the pavement and slept overnight. He is seen praying in the early morning. Credit: Shristi Rajbhandari

10 miles away from the epicentre of the earthquake, in the Ghorka District, is the isolated mountain village of Ghyampesal. The village has been badly hit with 95% of houses damaged or destroyed. Credit: Dan Rivers

Hundreds of thousands of people have suddenly been left without adequate food, water, shelter and medical care. We need to act fast.”
Jane Cocking
Oxfam Humanitarian Director