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People fleeing conflict, disaster and poverty urgently need your help


We urgently need to help more families around the world who face terrifying violence, poverty or disaster. Please donate to help families facing crisis worldwide.

Five and a half years of brutal fighting have devastated Syria, almost half a million people have been killed and 11 million people have had to flee their homes. Oxfam has reached over 1.5 million people already with desperately needed food, water and shelter. 

But it's not just people in Syria who urgently need your help today. We urgently need to reach more people facing poverty worldwide.

Donate now 

War in Syria forced Omar and his wife and 2-year-old son to escape to the Greek island of Lesbos. “We are farmers but no one can live there anymore. There is no food in the shops; there is nothing to eat,” says Omar. Your donations mean that in Greece, families like Omar’s can receive sleeping bags, backpacks, warm clothing and food.

Credit: Pablo Tosco

Aged 8, Sara was shot in the head. She still has bits of shrapnel in her scalp. After it happened, her family fled Syria and spent time in Za’atari camp, alongside 80,000 other Syrian refugees. In Za’atari Oxfam uses your donations to look after water, sanitation and hygiene blocks that help around 25,000 people get clean, safe water.

Credit: Sam Tarling

A girl collects water in the Za’atari camp for refugees in Jordan. Life Is tough here, but with support from people like you, Oxfam’s helping people stay healthy by providing 35 litres of clean, safe water per person every day.

Credit: Pablo Tosco

Every day 8,000 refugees and migrants enter Serbia on a long and dangerous journey to Europe, most fleeing Syria and other conflicts or poverty. Thanks to supporters’ donations, in Serbia Oxfam has installed water points, toilets and showers for travellers. We support vulnerable people in others ways too, giving out basic hygiene kits, information and advice.

Credit: Pablo Tosco

Your donation will help people around the world

We're working in many other countries to help more vulnerable people survive unimaginable hardship too. From families starting to rebuild their lives after the Haiti hurricane, to people now able to earn a living and work their way out of poverty in Bangladesh - more lives can be saved and changed with your support.