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Excavating the Present: A Tribute to Syrian Mothers


Excavating the Present, a new exhibition by Syrian artist Issam Kourbaj, to raise funds for Oxfam's Syria Crisis Appeal

About the exhibition

Issam Kourbaj new art project, Excavating the Present, brings together a variety of media and contexts in an archaeological investigation.

In it, images of animal and human bones hang beside images of the land observed from the sky.

Fixed to a clothes-line, carefully weathered with acids, the images are eerie yet domestic, a reminder that the biggest mystery of all, death, surrounds us all the time.

In view of the tragic events in Syria, the exhibition dwells on the fragility of life and offers hope that a bigger and better world may one day come to be.

Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to Oxfam's Syria Crisis Appeal.

Exhibition dates

Please check back in the coming weeks for exhibition dates - we'll be adding them when new dates are confirmed.

Oxfam's work in Syria

The conflict in Syria has resulted in a dramatically deteriorating humanitarian crisis. Violence continues to escalate due to fighting between government forces and opposing groups. Explosive weapons are being used in densely populated areas, resulting in widespread death, injury, and displacement.

Many Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries in the hope of escaping violence. Over a million refugees have now been registered or are awaiting registration. Some 5,000 refugees are leaving Syria every day, 36% more than were leaving in December last year. Many flee with little more than the clothes on their backs.

The humanitarian crisis is worsening day by day, leaving aid organisations struggling to provide help that's desperately needed. Money is urgently needed now, to allow us to continue providing basic services like food, water and shelter, to ever-growing refugee populations.

Francis Lacasse, Oxfam Syria Crisis Response Manager, Lebanon

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