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West Africa Crisis Appeal

Ongoing conflict across West Africa has forced more than 2.3 million people to flee terrifying violence in Nigeria, Niger and Chad. Having left everything behind, these desperate families now face new dangers - hunger, malnutrition and disease.

Oxfam is there, providing life-saving support to the people who need us most - but the scale of this crisis means we urgently need your help to do more.

Millions of people face hunger.

A donation to Oxfam's Emergency Fund can help us respond to disasters and emergencies as soon as possible.

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Ibrahim Dung/Oxfam

The situation

A desperate humanitarian crisis is growing in parts of West Africa as a result of the ongoing conflict with the group commonly known Boko Haram and the military operations to counter them. The violence has spread from north-east Nigeria into neighbouring Niger, Chad and Cameroon forcing 2.3 million people to flee their homes and leaving over 10 million people in need of emergency aid. Unable to grow or buy food, or get to humanitarian aid, millions are going hungry. Currently, over seven million people are in need of food assistance in the region. Thousands of people are estimated to have died already.

There is a strong likelihood that at least 500,000 people could currently be experiencing famine in north-east Nigeria.

In the region, an estimated 223,000 acutely malnourished children could die unless assisted.

There have been alarming levels of sexual violence, human rights abuses and forced recruitment, even of young children. Governments need to provide greater protection for civilians in order to prevent abuse and exploitation.

The security situation remains fragile and violence continues making it difficult for Oxfam and other agencies to get help to all the people who need it. 


A group of women walking in the Assaga camp. Around 2.6 million people have been forced to flee their homes 

Vincent Tremeau, Oxfam

Oxfam's response

Oxfam is providing life-saving support in Nigeria, Niger and Chad to people who have fled their home and to the communities in which they are taking shelter. We are providing people with desperately needed food as well as clean drinking water and sanitation to prevent the spread of disease.

Oxfam has assisted 500,000 people across Nigeria, Niger and Chad. We plan to reach over 1.5 million people.

In Nigeria, Oxfam is working in Adamawa, Borno, and Gombe states, providing people with emergency food support, clean water and better sanitation, including constructing showers and repairing toilets, and making sure people have areas to wash their hands. We have set up community protection groups for women to give them information about access to support facilities if they have suffered from sexual violence and exploitation. We are distributing food and cooking equipment, as well as providing seeds and tools to help traders and farmers get back on their feet. Oxfam recently provided food and hygiene kits to over 20,000 in Nigeria.

In the Diffa region in Niger an estimated 340,000 people are in need of emergency aid because of the Boko Haram conflict. Diffa borders Borno in Nigeria and people affected include Nigerian refugees, people who are fleeing their villages, and the communities that shelter them. People have seen their homes ruined and their lives completely disrupted. Children aren't going to school, and people can't find enough food. Oxfam has helped over 31,400 people since our emergency response began in 2015.

We are installing water systems to make sure people have clean water to drink, as well as distributing essential items such as cooking pots, buckets and water purifying tablets. Elsewhere in Niger there has been massive flooding, and in some regions where the lean season - the time when people are at the end of their food until the next harvest comes - there is desperate hunger.

In Chad, nearly 345,000 people are in need of aid, both refugees and people forced to flee within the country itself. Oxfam is distributing cash and tarpaulins for shelter, and providing clean water to people to help prevent the spread of diseases. 


We are providing people with food as well as clean drinking water and sanitation to prevent the spread of disease. This is an Oxfam water tank in the Kabbar Maila Host Community, Nigeria.

Ibrahim Dung, Oxfam

Other ways to help