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If I were president…

How would the children of Mukuru change the world?

From vegetable-growing pilots and meteorologists to doctors and teachers. Oxfam's Mora McLagan listened to the children of Mukuru's hopes and dreams for the future and found out what they would do if they could be President of Kenya for one day.

Estimates suggest that in Nairobi, the fifth richest African city and home to around 5,000 millionaires, the slum population now makes up over 50% of the urban population or between roughly 3-5 million people. In the Mukuru slum Oxfam has been working with our partner Sanergy to provide some Freshlife toilets in the local schools. Sam helped turn the school yard into a fashion catwalk and, as kids dressed up in the costumes of what they would like to be when they grow up, we asked the children, "What would you change if you could be president for one day?" Their answers bowled us over.

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