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Reducing the need for food banks

Oxfam has helped to support many of the food banks which have become a lifeline for people living below the breadline but we are determined they should not become a permanent feature of the UK.

Our current work supports advice and support to people to address the problems that lead to the need for emergency food. We are also carrying out research to gain a fuller picture of hunger in the UK. Real change in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people requires action at national level - our work engages UK, Scottish and Welsh governments, building evidence and wider support via other charities and public opinion.

Food Poverty Alliance

Oxfam is part of an emerging alliance on food poverty in the UK, alongside a range of organisations including Sustain, Trussell Trust, Food Foundation and the Food Ethics Council.

The group has come together with a commitment to tackle the root causes of food insecurity in the UK, and a desire to reduce hunger and poverty in the UK.

Members of the alliance are working collaboratively on a range of issues, including establishing a food poverty measure for the UK.

More information and a report on food monitoring

Oxfam/Sarah Brodbin

Insights into food poverty

Oxfam has commissioned research to understand public opinions around food poverty in the UK. We aimed to find out what people thought about foodbanks and their potential institutionalisation.

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Innovation and food security

In partnership with CAST (Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology), Oxfam is exploring how digital technology can challenge and address the causes of food poverty in the UK.

Independent Food Network

Oxfam has been supporting the work of Seb Mayfield from Food Up Front, exploring the potential for a network of progressive independent emergency food providers in England.

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