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Spring edition 2014



Thanks to your support, we can help families all over the world become stronger in the face of disaster. In this issue of Inside Oxfam, you can find out how.

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Help families facing disaster

When floods hit Pakistan in 2010, we helped communities like Shazia's start all over again. Today, more families on the brink of disaster around the world need your help.

Help families facing disaster

Stopping short of disaster

Drought doesn't necessarily lead to famine, and heavy rain doesn't always result in deadly floods. Disaster strikes when people are already vulnerable. Find out how you're helping us pull - and keep - people out of harm's way.

Stopping disaster before it starts

The Philippines: Roofless, homeless, but not helpless

First, you kept families alive. Since then, you've been putting lives back on track. Now, you're helping people prepare for whatever the future holds.

How your money is helping

Stories from Syria: Keeping hope alive

You've helped us get vital aid to nearly a million refugees, you've also helped supply something equally vital that money can't buy - hope.

How you're helping keep hope alive

Business as unusual 

How working with major companies can create new ways of tackling poverty - and help kickstart lasting change on a massive scale.

How we work with businesses

Sweet. How Coke and Pepsi listened to you

Find out how 270,000 got three giant food companies to sit up and listen and why this is a positive result for some of the world's poorest farmers.

Oxfam victory is sweet

My life. My legacy.

At 86, Doreen has already raised a whopping £10,000 for Oxfam and intends to keep making her mark, even when she's no longer here. But she doesn't need us to tell you that...

Video: Doreen's story

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