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Together, we can end extreme poverty in 15 years

Ready for some amazing news? The latest stats show that the number of people living in extreme poverty halved in just 15 years. Together, we can keep that incredible progress going - and eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.

Every time you donate to Oxfam, or buy an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, or sign one of our petitions, you're helping more and more people to leave poverty behind.

But progress alone isn't enough. One billion people still live in poverty. That's one billion people too many.

One day we won't live with poverty

Earlier this year, with extreme poverty falling, the UN set a series of goals designed to create a sustainable future for everyone. They cover a lot of what we're already working on with your support.Momentum is building. Governments are listening.

Together with you, we really can help to create a future free from extreme poverty. So we'll continue our efforts on the big issues - from inequality, which you've helped to push up the agenda with our Even It Up campaign, to climate change and hunger.

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Francesca Passi, street fundraiser

Italian-born Francesca Passi speaks five languages, spent time translating for Syrian refugees and now raises money for Oxfam. She explains why her determination to fight poverty makes street fundraising the ideal career choice.

Meet Francesca

Stop the coffee killer

Across Central America, a devastating fungus is wrecking crops and coffee workers aren't earning enough to feed their families.

Meet Pedro, Maria and family

Stories of hope in a changing climate

We're working with communities worldwide to help families adapt. Here are just a few of the many stories showing how your support is helping people improve their future, despite the changing climate.

One step ahead of climate change

Fighting the floods

Oxfam supporter Liz Crew looked on in horror as floodwaters inundated her Somerset farm last year. She recently travelled to Bolivia with Oxfam to find out how communities there are coping with rising water levels.

See Liz's visit

More inspirational stories

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Nepal: No helicopters, no problem

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Bringing hope in disaster

The day my house fell down

Anita KC will never forget the day her house fell down – the day a massive earthquake devastated Nepal. See how Oxfam supporters helped her get through it.

Changing lives with water

He lifts three tons a day

Brian in South Sudan is no stranger to heavy lifting – he shifts three tonnes of water on his bike, every day. Thanks to Oxfam supporters, he now shifts three tonnes of clean, safe water.

Protecting from disease

Puppets saving lives.

Meet Amal, living in Jordan’s Za’atari camp, and find out how puppets are teaching kids who have this escaped violent conflict to protect themselves from disease.

You're changing lives. Here’s how.

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