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Stronger together [Photo: Eleanor Farmer]


Having survived horrific conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Louise lost four family members to disease. In one week. But that's only the start of her story. Watch the film to learn how she found strength in a conflict - in her own words.

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What's happening in this changing room?

You know what it's like, you step in a changing room and you see a sign that says 'play me'... and you do. This film also ends with an amazing line. What do you think?

What's happening in this changing room?

Thank you from Zambia

Oxfam's Louisa-Jane Richards visits the Twikatane Women Dairy Farmers group in Zambia to learn about how Oxfam helped provide them with cows, and began supporting them in dairy farming.

Read about the dairy queens

Inspiring supporters: Sue Greenwood

Meet Sue Greenwood - who lost a leg in the 2005 London bombings. One year later, she took part in our Trailwalker 100km walking challenge.

See Sue's extraordinary journey

Helping to fight Ebola

Eva Niederberger talks about her experience working in Sierra Leone: fast changing priorities, the impact of Ebola and how hard it can be to detect this illness very similar to malaria.

Hear about Eva's experiences in West Africa

More inspirational stories

How you made history in 2005

Ten years ago, millions of people came together to be part of Make Poverty History - the biggest... Read more

Q&A: our experts answer your burning questions

Helen Bushell, Deputy Head of Programme Strategy and Impact

Vanuatu won't be the last poor country devastated by climate change inaction

Oxfam's CEO Mark Goldring on the effects of Cyclone Pam and what the world can do.

You're changing lives. Here’s how.

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