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Thank you for all of your hard work and for helping us change the lives of people living in poverty all over the world!

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Oxjam 2015

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Oxjam Takeover Weekend

Oxjam takeover weekend took place on the 16th - 18th of October. It was the main hub of events that took place and create a buzz all over the nation.  

The 5 best things about volunteering for Oxjam

1.  Community Spirit I work with some amazing and dedicated colleges who welcomed me with open arms. This kind of community spirit is upheld internally throughout Oxfam, with everyone looking out for each other.  Working in a small... Read more

A Brilliant Buskathon

The essence of Oxjam lives and breathes live music.  This was captured perfectly by the Chester Takeover team this year as they embarked on a 24 hour buskathon, to raise money for Oxfam.