We have a vision

We have a vision of a world where everyone has safe clean water to drink. A world where every single person has access to decent sanitation. A world where no one's life is threatened by deadly waterborne diseases.

Join us today and help make this vision a reality by becoming an Oxfam Pioneer. You will play an integral part in developing the most innovative and ground-breaking humanitarian initiatives in international development: to provide safe water and sanitation to millions of vulnerable and marginalised people around the world.

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Photo: Kieran Doherty

At Oxfam we have the experience and expertise to realise this vision. Over the past half century Oxfam has forged the way in developing revolutionary new ways to provide safe water and sanitation to those who urgently need it. With your support, we believe we can lay down the blueprint to transform the lives of generations to come.

Mark Goldring Chief Executive Oxfam GB