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Oxjam is Oxfam's month-long music festival. Every October hundreds of events happen across the UK, all organised by volunteers who are passionate about their local music scene, all raising money to fight poverty around the world.

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Oxjam 2016

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Festivals Friday Update 14 October 2016

A very familiar field, looking very lovely yesterday morning - can you spot the landmark? Evening everyone, Well it's been quite a while since the last official Friday update, for which we apologise. Although it's great to... Read more

Oxjam set to rock Welsh capital this weekend

Welsh music fans are in for a treat this weekend as Wales' capital city is taken over by Oxjam - Oxfam's annual music festival.  

Oxjam: Diwrnod Gwych o Gerddoriaeth i Ddinas Caerdydd

Mae gwledd ar droed ar gyfer ffans cerddoriaeth yng Nghaerdydd y penwythnos hwn wrth i Oxjam daranu drwy'r brif ddinas, fel rhan o ŵyl gerddoriaeth flynyddol Oxfam.